At ProjarGroup we are committed to the continuous training of our employees in order to improve and share knowledge.

Last week our Quality Control Team from Projar Lanka travelled to Spain to work together with Spanish team, as well as to understand better the company and our production facility in Spain.

First, they went to Valencia where they could visit the head office and main logistic center and see how the warehouse is organized. Furthermore, they had several meetings with the Spanish Quality Control Team to learn and improve the efficiency of controls.

After a couple of days in Valencia, they travelled to Almería where they visited our substrates manufacturing plant. They could see the machinery and how the raw materials are processed to obtain a wide variety of mixtures. They also could check the efficiency of the different blends.

Finally, they went with our agronomic advisors to visit some greenhouses to see the final product which is manufactured in Sri Lanka in use. These visits have been very valuable for the Quality Control Team as they have been able to see the applied product and talk directly to the customers to understand their needs. In this way, they can better understand how to improve the production process and the quality of our products, to cater to clients’ needs and gain more agricultural output.

It has undoubtedly been a very enriching experience for our employees.